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Spirit Guides

More of than not, people have this innate desire to feel connected; a yearning to connect with family, with friends, with lovers, or with the world we live in. For some of us, we want to connect to something more, something bigger, something beyond us and beyond our understanding of the universe around us. We want to better understand the world happening around and to us whilst asking what it wants from us - to find out purpose in it and its purpose to us.

It was in 2019 that I found this deeper connection with the larger world beyond this one. Prior to this, the connections I yearned for were more immediate and tangible; better connection with my peers, with my family, with society. All the standard aspirations of being a good and decent person working towards their personal goals and ambitions in life. There have been hints of something more though, strong gut feelings and slight little nudges here and there - as if I was guided to an outcome rather than me driving myself to make those choices. I had dismissed them of course at the time, “it’s just my intuition” I said “everyone has those days where they just know something without really knowing about it”. Although I was part way towards the right answer, it wasn’t until much later did I realize that there was more to my intuition.

When I started my spiritual journey in 2019, I started to understand and discover things about myself I had never really entertained as much before. It was during my studies about guides, angelic and ancestral that I slowly started to understand that as much as my intuition has come into play in my life, there may have been actual guiding hands directing me as well.

My discovery about my own guides had been a gradual process however; one filled with a lot of self doubt and even fear. Sometimes I would feel a loving presence around me like an angel wrapping their wings over my body. Other times I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, seeing figments of shapes and movements just within my periphery but never fully showing themselves outright. Then there were moments where I had a deep desire to connect to something; my friends, my family, my ancestors? I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to connect with but something in me was guiding me to connect with something but I could not place my finger on it.

Safe to say my experience was an ordeal since the idea of my guides connecting with me was not a concept I came across yet. I had always thought that I could only connect with my guides and not the other way around. There were times when I thought that I was actually losing it and this was the moment that I would go legitimately insane.

With time though I finally allowed myself to trust in their process, not resisting in my guides’ attempt to connect. Through meditation, I allowed myself to pull that string - that yearning to connect to something larger than myself and just let go of my fears and doubts. That’s when I started to really feel them and their intentions; my guides. For four consecutive days, I kept tugging at the string; strengthening my connection with my personal angels and allowing myself to form that bond.

As my connection with my guides grew so did their actual presence grow as well. At first I could picture approximations and figments through my mind's eye; like squinting at a blurry photograph I saw hazy depictions of angelic beings and entities bathed in light. Soon though I started experiencing my guides’ presence physically. A strong feeling here, a flitting white shape there. And without long, my guides soon become such a familiar and comfortable presence within my life.

With my newfound bond, I started seeing things in a new light; what once were lucky guesses and gut feelings had now an air of purpose and affection to them. I started doing things, seeing things, experiencing things with a sense of stability; as if regardless of how far I venture into the unknown depths of my life something or someone was anchoring me and providing me safe harbor - an assurance that I would never be lost ever again. I even felt my guides’ presence in my more esoteric works like hex removals, divination, and space clearings. Being tethered to something bigger than me gave me the courage and freedom to move past aspects of me that I was too afraid to face prior to this. I felt encouraged to not only dream a better version of myself but have the strength and drive to see it through since I was always under the loving care and protection of my personal angels.

Ever since then I now strive to live my life not just for my own interests but also for my guides who want the best for me. And now that I know what it’s like to have finally connected to something better and beyond myself I have started to share that gift with others because I too know what it’s like to feel lost; wanting to connect to something that is pure and good.

Recently I started to study and practice the art of guide identification so I can share the gift of connecting with our own personal guides so that I can share the gift of not only knowing that there are better angels out there that are looking out for us but also be able to connect with them and share in their love and affection. In doing so, I have also started making connections with other people; people who I would not have opened up to in the first place had I not allowed my guides to lead the way.

My world has become a little less lonely now as the connections I’ve fostered both with my guides and those around me have made my life all the better. My only wish moving forward is that one day we can all share in the love and comfort of knowing that regardless of who you are and what your situation is, there will always be someone or something who will love and care for you; all you have to do is allow yourself to open up and connect. #DiscoverYourLight

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