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About Me

Hi I'm Blar!

I started off as an intuitive tarot reader and developed the ability to do past lives reading through viewing akashic records.  I was blessed with the ability to speak to guides to use their light, as well as use local magik practices to battle with negative energies and entities. 

My purpose is to help others find their light and in a world of uncertainty to help provide the balance that's needed.  To help usher an understanding of diverse spiritual practices and how to apply them in our daily lives.

Past Lives Reader | Enlightened Guide
Fairy Lights

What is my story and purpose

One day a few years back, it felt as if my whole world was crashing down on me. Looking at who I had become... I saw emptiness and knew I could no longer take it anymore. I called out to God, asked for help, for guidance, and promised I would live my life in one way or another serving others. ​

Since then I have learned and studied with a mentor Dan and took courses, to try and understand what resonates with me.  It forced me to face my darkness and start my path towards enlightenment by balancing my light as well as my shadows.

With the help of my guides, Enlightened Guide was born. What’s the dream for it? Easy, to one day have a safe place for diverse spiritual practices to be offered.  Curated to ensure they are accepted and legitimized.  Not just me but other’s who are seeking to  help others with their growth and evolve in their own personal journeys.  I am starting to see how guides are working to create this community and continuously am honored for to be working with everyone in this.

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