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About Me

Hi I'm Sylverlyt!

I was quite young when I started on my spiritual path. It was on and off for me, and highly dependent on the people I was with. Back then, there were only books that I can read to expose myself to esoteric wisdom.


I came to learn about Osho, Dolores Cannon, and a lot of other authors who became my passive mentors. During this time, I was able to work with Cartomancy, Oracle cards, Rune divination, and Dice divination, including reading past lives but only when drunk (haha). And it was a moment of grace when I was able to harness the wisdom of numbers through the teachings of Ruth Drayer and Korra Deaver.


My husband was very pivotal in my spirituality. He helped me see things from a different perspective. 

Vintage Wood Clocks

What is my story and purpose

I was gifted with a long name and it was puzzling to me why some people had shorter ones than mine. And with that question in mind, I started diving deep into Numerology. I began reading Numerology for people when I was 22. I was fascinated by how numbers can uncover hidden missions and truths. It started with family and expanded to friends. The more charts I read, the more I understood the vibrations and the resonance of the numbers and it’s significance in our lives. Numerology became a part of my life. 2021 strengthened my spiritual awakening after I enrolled in Inner Engineering with Sadhguru. The wisdom, yoga, and meditation helped me understand how my mind worked and how I should lead with my heart to help the earth. 


This is why it is only now with the Enlightened Guide that I would like to share my gifts with more people. And I sincerely hope that these gifts can help you find your way, too, as they did with me. 


“If there is love in your heart, it will guide you through your life. Love has its own intelligence. - Sadhguru”



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