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About Me

Hi I'm Marvin!

Marvin Celestial is a mechanical engineer by profession, but he is now devoting his life to matters pertaining to the mind and the psyche and has embarked on a journey towards his spiritual development. As such he has founded and presently runs the Celestial Mind Development Center in Iloilo City, Philippines. He has attended various Psychic and Healers Festivals in Metro Manila, and he is now a full-time psychic counselor-consultant and mind development lecturer.


He presently conducts lecture workshops on Expanding Consciousness, Birth, Death, and Reincarnation, Discovering Psychic Potential, Awakening Inner Senses, Heart and Mind Integration, Energy Health, Your Self Your Potential, Prosperity Consciousness (Understanding Money), Your Signature Your Success, Beyond Prediction, Mental Wandering (A Journey into the Mental Worlds).

White Sand and Stone
Buddha Statue
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