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Discover your Light.

There's light in each of us, sometimes dimmed by our experiences, our environment, our society and others.  Allow your light to shine through by connecting with your Shadow and Guides.

come and explore your path through our services

Guide sessions

Need to understand your spiritual path, book any of Enlightened Guide's sessions.

shadow work

Identify and start the healing of your shadow self through this 5 week course


Entity removals, hex removals, space clearings and protection methods

Healing Sessions

Healing session that will help you re-align, re-balance and re-start.

why trust us?

Hi We're Enlightened Guide!

Enlightened Guide was always guided that it would be more than just 1 person.  It is now a portal to showcase different modalities within the Spiritual Community.  Each “Guide” is especially selected for their skill in their respective craft and as we are guided by our guides. We make no claims to being fully enlightened but we know that with the current guidance we are receiving from our guides that is the plan.  Our Guides help us help others.  It is a calling that is hard to ignore.

Currently, we have come together, to fulfill that promise.   While we did our own thing  separately, doing our own services in our own small corner of the world or hiding our gifts.  We remained connected and started to become friends having the same goal, to help other people heal.  We were being nudged by our guides until it became shouts to help build a community that will truly support seekers who wish to discover their light.  We are using the founder’s (Blar’s) platform, to help others in their journey.

Each of our different modalities, courses and future courses are/will be geared towards helping people heal, focused on your spirituality to help you grow.  There are no short cuts to being the best version of you, but there are adjustments and guidance to ensure you are always on the right path.

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Guided Soul Sacred Retreat
Guided Soul Sacred Retreat
May 04, 2023, 6:00 AM GMT+8
Allow us to take you through your journey of self discovery through connecting with your own Spirit Guides. Discover your light through various modalities that will be practiced during the whole period.

Unsure of how to discover your light?

If you're not sure of what practice to take, or how to further your spiritual practice through Enlightened Guide's services please feel free to schedule a 15 minute free online meeting.  We will gladly help you to understand how we can be of service or provide you a reference with other practitioners in the community that may be of service to you. 

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